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Click here to view the SEED brochure

Spiritual Elements Essential for Discipleship (SEED)is a spiritual formation series which seeks to enable people to mature in their Christian walks. Each session is designed to challenge, convict, and convert people to be better disciples for Jesus Christ.

This series will be a spiritually transformative process by which a person, through an encounter with Jesus Christ and the Bible's teachings, experiences Christian maturity or growth in his or her faith journey. The curriculum is structured around ten thematic books with eight pertinent, life-related lessons highlighted by Scripture. Designed for all age groups,SEED is intended to be taught in a classroom setting where students will have the opportunity to reflect upon the lesson with a special SEED journal. Visit our SEED Series section in the store.

Want to read the first lessons of SEED.? Click here for the S.E.E.D. Sample Booklet! The series is divided into five age levels/groupings:

Growing in Christ

Ages 11 and Under

Growing in Grace

Ages 12-17

Deeper Roots

Ages 18-35

Life Planters

Ages 36-54

Life Sustainers

Ages 55 and Up

SEED consists of ten (10) series:

Series One

Discipleship and New Life

Series Two

Discipleship and Life Choices

Series Three

Discipleship and Family Life

Series Four

Discipleship and Spiritual Gifts

Series Five

Discipleship and Church Life

Series Six

Discipleship and Personal Stewardship

Series Seven

Discipleship and Physical Health

Series Eight

Discipleship and Society

Series Nine

Discipleship and Civic Duty

Series Ten

Discipleship and the Global Community