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Regional Coordinators

Regional coordinators are additional resources for promoting the Christian education program. They are appointed and supervised from the Division of Christian Education. They serve as the liaison between the state Convention and the Division of Christian Education. In order to better organize and coordinate the work of the Christian Education program, the work is divided among regional lines of the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. A regional coordinator is assigned to each region to implement and support the work of the Christian Education program.

Northeast Region
Regional Coordinator: Rev. Edward Williamson, NY

Email Address: litehouseeow1@aol.com
States: Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont

Southeast Region
Regional Coordinator: Rev. Benjamin E. V. Lett, GA

Email Address: lettspraises@juno.com
States: Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia

Southwest Region 1
Regional Coordinator: Dr. Jonathan McPherson, AL

Email Address: jmcpherson888@bellsouth.net
States: Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee, Germany

Southwest Region 2
Regional Coordinato: Rev. Rory L. Thompson, TX

Email Address: bmestatedirector@att.net
States: Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, Caribbean

Midwest Region
Regional Coordinator: Dr. L. D. Tate, IL

Email Address: ldreg.coor.2@att.net
States: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, Wisconsin, West Virginia

Western Region 1
Regional Coordinator: Dr. Bertrand Bailey, OK

Email Address: b7train@aol.com
States: Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma

Western Region 2
Regional Coordinator: Mrs. Katie Richardson, AZ

Email Address: katieusa47@aol.com
States: Alaska, Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington

For more information about our Regional Coordinators, please contact the Director of Christian Education at 1-800-359-9398, ext 5796 or email the Division of Christian Education office at christianed@sspbnbc.com.