Manuscript Submissions

The Sunday School Publishing Board (SSPB) is dedicated to the preparation and production of biblically sound Christian literature that assists churches in evangelizing the unsaved and nurturing the lives of those who have positively responded to the Gospel. Thank you for your interest in writing for us; we look forward to the potential partnership in this endeavor.


We serve as the official publisher for the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc., which is the largest African-American denomination and organization in the world. In that role, we seek to faithfully transmit our denominational doctrine, polity, and history. Additionally, we accept our obligation to publish materials that both preserve our racial heritage and point out its impact on the larger society.

To this end, we affirm and publish the works of Christian writers whose theological under-pinnings, doctrinal soundness, scriptural understanding, and written communication skills merit distribution to a wider audience.

Sunday School Publishing Board Curriculum, Products, and Resources

The SSPB develops, produces, and distributes a variety of instructional and inspirational products and resources to equip and edify all age levels of our constituency. These products and resources include the following:

Curriculum and Spiritual Growth Materials

Sunday school, Vacation Bible School, Spiritual Elements Essential for Discipleship (SEED), and similar curriculum-based products are designed for use by church schools, discipleship training, for Bible studies, and other similar ministries in the local church. Most of them provide age-appropriate pupil study and leadership guides for adults, youth, and children (preschoolers and elementary students). All curriculum writing is done by assignment from our Publishing Division. Our pool of curriculum writers is pulled from active members of National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. churches. These are church members who, by and large, are involved in the study area for which they write. Persons interested in writing curriculum are asked to complete and submit a five- to six-page sample student lesson (including a teaching plan) and the enclosed SSPB Writers’ Application.


SSPB periodicals are offered to support particular divisions, audiences, and/or constituents of the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. The two periodicals we presently provide are The Christian Education Informerand The National Baptist Voice magazines. The purpose of each is as follows:

  • The Christian Education Informer is designed to keep readers up-to-date on the latest trends and information in Christian education.
  • The National Baptist Voice is designed to keep our National Baptist Convention constituency informed about Convention-related issues and concerns.

Most of the articles for these publications are solicited by the SSPB. However, occasionally a well-written freelance article supports the aims and audience needs of a particular periodical and, thus, may be used in the respective publication. If you are interested in writing for one of them, please complete and submit a five hundred- to one thousand-word sample article, along with the enclosed SSPB Writers’ Application.


Our annual Advent/Christmas and Lenten/Easter daily devotional books offer our audience Scripture reading and Christ-centered insights to prepare them for special seasons of the church year. Most of these writings are done by assignment. If you are interested in writing for one or more of our devotional books, please complete and submit a 175- to 250-word devotional sample, along with the enclosed SSPB Writer’s Application.

Books, Church Life Products, and Online Resources

The SSPB through Townsend Press publishes books and online resources for the general Christian audience and for local church leaders. Most of these books and future online resources will be by assignment. However, book and online resource proposals are accepted and considered. Such proposals should include the following:

  • A letter briefly summarizing your resource or idea and why it is needed
  • An outline of the contents or structure of the book or resource
  • One sample chapter, session, or lesson plan
  • A brief author bio that includes your qualifications for writing on the topic

What Not To Submit

The SSPB is not accepting unsolicited autobiographies, poetry, fiction, or children’s books at this time.

How To Contact Us

Please mail and/or e-mail book proposal and/or writing sample to:
Dr. Debra Berry, Senior Director of Christian Resources and Ministries, PO Box 70990, Nashville, TN 37207-0990. Email address: