Transformative FAITH Workshops for Vacation Bible School (VBS) and Sunday School Leaders, Teachers, and Volunteers



Purpose: To provide church, associational, and state ministry leaders, teachers, and workers with highly effective tools and resources that organize, strengthen, and grow your Sunday school.


Workshop Options:

2020 VBS Workshop: “Get On Board! Cruising with God’s Family”

Before our mothers and fathers knew our names, God knew us and loved us. God predestined us to be His sons and daughters, thus becoming His family through Jesus Christ. Being children of God is who we are; it is our identity. It pleases God to have each of us as His child. No matter what we have done or what we will do wrong, God will not change His mind about any of usfor in love God chose each of us and we are His most prized creation.

So, get on board and let's enjoy this summer’s cruise as God’s adopted family!

Maximizing Your SSPB Faith Series Sunday School Curriculum

This workshop will provide comprehensive hands-on demonstrations and tips on how to maximize the Sunday school curriculum. Participants who complete this training will be provided with reproducible, easy-to-use handouts, related PowerPoint presentations, and curriculum samples to share with their local congregations.

Transformative Creative Teaching Methods

Discover how to utilize an array of teaching methods that incorporate an understanding of the learning styles and age-level characteristics of your Bible study and/or Sunday school students. This workshop builds on the best practices of highly successful Bible teachers. Learn how to teach toward transformation, and not just give out information.

Growing Your Sunday School Exponentially

Discover how to execute a proven strategy to strengthen and grow your Sunday church school program. Uncover ways to promote and emphasize the value and urgent need for a thriving Bible study ministry with and through your Sunday church school.

Highly Effective Sunday School Superintendents’ Training/Rap Session

Discover through dialogue with fellow Sunday school superintendents and department heads the tools, resources, and best practices needed to grow and maintain strong and vibrant Sunday church schools. Class topics will include the following: determining organizational priorities; recruiting the best volunteers; planning for a great church year; organizing for success; implementing needed change; and the urgent need for an effective in-reach/outreach program.


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