Book Proposal Submission

Townsend Press Books, Church Life Products, and Online Resources

Townsend Press publishes books and, in the near future, online resources for the general Christian audience and for local church leaders. Most of these books and future online resources will be by assignment. However, book and online resource proposals are accepted and considered. Such proposals should include the following:

  • A letter briefly summarizing your resource or idea and why it is needed
  • An outline of the contents or structure of the book or resource
  • One sample chapter, session, or lesson plan
  • A brief author bio that includes your qualifications for writing on the topic

What Not To Submit

Townsend Press is not accepting unsolicited autobiographies, poetry, fiction, or children’s books at this time.

How To Contact Us

Please email and/or e-mail book proposal and/or writing sample to:
Debra Berry, Director of Publishing Administration, PO Box 70990, Nashville, TN 37207-0990. E:mail address: