Sunday School Series

Faith Series Sunday School Curriculum Overview

Our Faith Series Sunday school curriculum is available for all age groups (toddlers to adults) and is based on the International Sunday School Lesson (ISSL) Uniform Series. Our Bible-based teachings are not only relevant, but they are written to foster class discussion and participation that moves students deeper in understanding God’s Word. As students engage with our curriculum, they will have the tools necessary to apply God’s Word to their lives, thus becoming more mature believers rightly pursuing and discerning God’s will.  The teacher and student books and resources include the following titles:

  • Faith Series Teacher’s Guide: A Leadership Resource for Adult Bible Study
  • Faith Pathway: Bible Studies for Adults (Ages 35 and Above) Large Print Edition
  • Faith Pathway: Bible Studies for Adults (Ages 35 and Above) Regular Print Edition
  • Faith Journey: Bible Studies for Young Adults (Ages 18-34)
  • Faith Series Youth Teacher’s Guide: For Middle School and High School Students
  • Faith Connection: Bible Studies for High School Students
  • Faith Walk: Bible Studies for Middle School Students
  • Faith Explorers Teacher’s Guide for Older Children (Middle and Upper Elementary /Grades 2-6)
  • Faith Explorers Bible Studies Upper Elementary (Grades 4-6)
  • Faith Explorers Activity Book Upper Elementary (Grades 4-6)
  • Faith Explorers Bible Studies Middle Elementary (Grades 2-3)
  • Faith Explorers Activity Book Middle Elementary (Grades 2-3)
  • Faith Building Blocks Teacher’s Guide For Younger Children  (Toddlers Through Elementary)
  • Faith Building Blocks, Early Elementary (Grades 1-K)
  • Faith Building Blocks, Preschool (Ages 3-4)
  • Faith Building Blocks, Picture Lesson Cards (Toddlers to Twos)
  • Pax the Penguin, Hand Puppet  (For Younger Children)

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