Spiritual Elements Essential for Discipleship

Curriculum Series

The discipleship curriculum called S.E.E.D.—which stands for Spiritual Elements Essential for Discipleship taken from Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23. This is a spiritual formation series seeking to enable people to mature in their Christian walks, so that their hearts, and ultimately, their lives are good soil and can help to reproduce other Christians to serve in God’s kingdom.

This ten-part series, with a total of eighty sessions, is available for five different age groups. It is designed to grow each member into a disciple, and/or deepen his/her understanding of what discipleship means and how following Jesus should shape our choices and, eventually, worldview.

The Series is divided into five age levels/groupings:

ChildrenAges 11 and under - Name of the book: Growing in Christ
YouthAges 12-17 – Name of the book: Growing in Grace
AdultsAges 18-35 – Name of the book: Deeper Roots
Ages 36-54 – Name of book: Life Planters
Ages 55 and up – Name of book: Life Sustainers

S.E.E.D. consists of ten (10) Series. Those Series are as follows:

Series 1Discipleship and New Life
Series 2Discipleship and Life Choices
Series 3Discipleship and Family Life
Series 4Discipleship and Spiritual Gifts
Series 5Discipleship and Church Life
Series 6Discipleship and Personal Stewardship
Series 7Discipleship and Physical Health
Series 8Discipleship and Society/Community
Series 9Discipleship and Civic Duty
Series 10Discipleship and the Global Community

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