Living The Baptist Faith

Living the Baptist Faith Series

The new Living the Baptist Faith Bible Studies for small groups provide a comprehensive series of topics that address the critical doctrinal needs for today’s Baptists of all ages. The series is designed to help Baptists know, understand and embrace their identity, history, doctrines, beliefs and distinctiveness with small group tools and approaches.

Age-Levels of Studies

The age-level divisions are as follows:

  1. Adult Study Guide for Ages 35 and up
  2. Young Adult Study Guide for Ages 18-34
  3. High School Study Guide for Grades
  4. Middle High School for Grades
  5. Upper Elementary for Grades
  6. Middle Elementary for Grades

Study Series Content

The Living the Baptist Life series will center on three major areas of emphases. These areas of emphases are:

  1. The Baptist and Christianity
  2. Baptists and the Baptist Faith
  3. Baptists and Contemporary Issues

These three areas of emphases will each have sub-areas that are designed to provide an exhaustive treatment/discussion of the topic as possible.  In order to defend the faith adequately, Baptists must know the faith.  The content of the Baptist Life Study series curriculum is directed toward developing biblically literate and doctrinally sound Baptists.

The specific topics under each series are:

  1. Baptists and Christianity
  2. Baptists and the Christian Faith
  3. Baptists and Christian Doctrine
  4. Baptists and Other Denominations, Faiths, and Religions
  5. Baptist History and Growth
  6. Baptist Beliefs and Distinctives
  7. Baptist Polity and Practice
  8. Baptist Organizational Life and Ministries
  9. Baptist and Political Issues
  10. Baptist and Social Issues
  11. Baptists and Economic Issues
  12. Baptists and Moral Issues
  13. Baptist Articles of Faith Tenets for Life (Part 1)
  14. Baptist Articles of Faith Tenets for Life (Part 2)
  15. Baptist Church Covenant