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About Us

The Sunday School Publishing Board is one of the largest most established African-American owned publishing companies in the country, headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee.

The SSPB has produced Christian-related materials such as books, textbooks, curriculum, merchandise, and supplies to over 36,000 churches and the general public for over one hundred years.

As a leader in providing motivating and informative materials, The SSPB strives to bring our readers closer to God, one book at a time. We have a three-dimensional responsibility to develop, produce, and distribute inspirational curriculum materials to edify and enrich all age levels of our constituency.

With strong Christian principles, our foundation is based on our:

  • Responsibility to the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. and all others we serve to provide and produce quality products at great prices.
  • Responsibility to our employees?our most important resource.
  • Responsibility to develop and maintain our financial obligations.
  • Responsibility to publish materials emphasizing the church. We will cooperate with and assist other agencies under the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. to the greater Christian community and the world.
  • Responsibility to practice high and ethical standards.