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Pastor's Alternative for Teacher Certification (PATC)

Application for Pastor’s Alternative for Teacher Certification

The Division of Christian Education Accreditation and Credentials (DCEAC) recognized that Christian education is a part of the pastor's responsibility in the local church. Therefore, the DCEAC designed the PATC to meet the needs of the local pastor as Christian Educator and teacher. The PATC gives the local pastor credentials to teach in various leadership schools, and serves as a motivation to continue the life long process of Christian education. The PATC is designed to introduce the pastor to COPP, to give the pastor greater understanding of the role of the Christian Education Director, and enhance the pastor's teaching skills through the course Creative Ways of Teaching. The program includes a hybrid emphasis of the following components:

  • Introduction to COPP
  • Christian education programs
  • The role of the Christian education director
  • Creative ways of teaching
  • Briefings on all courses required for COPP, with emphasis on Phase One courses

Pastors who wish to enroll in the Pastor's Alternative Teacher Certification should do the following:

  • Submit Form 14—Application for Pastor's Alternative for Teacher Certification along with all fees associated with the program
  • Submit a letter from the church, on church stationery, verifying years of pastoral experience.
  • Years spent as an assistant or associate pastor or minister are not accepted, and may not be substituted for full-time pastoral years. If a pastor has pastored more than one church that will equal to the five years, the pastor should submit a letter from both churches.
  • Verification by program instructor that all training hours have been completed

Upon completion of the PATC program, the pastor becomes certifiable to become an instructor. He will be required to follow all procedures for becoming a certified instructor, as described in chapter two of the Christian Leadership School Manual. The Form 5—Application for Certification of Instructors should be submitted, along with appropriate fees, to the CLS dean when asked to serve in a Christian Leadership School. You can contact the Division of Christian Education Accreditation and Credentials if you wish to host a PATC.