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Pastor's Advanced Training Program (PATP)

Pastors certified through the PATC program are encouraged to continue their Christian education growth by enrolling in the Pastor's Advanced Training Program. This program consists of three phases. Each phase provides courses that are directly related to the work of the pastor. The Pastor's Advanced Training Program is a Certificate of Progress alternative for pastors. Pastors who enroll in PATP and complete the three phases will be awarded a certificate for each phase completed; and are eligible to enroll in the dean's training program. Pastors are encouraged to complete the first phase of the PATP within five years of completing the PATC. Courses for the PATP are available at the SSPB Christian Education Conference and local Christian Leadership Schools (CLS). Pastors who wish to become an instructor for the PATP must hold a degree from a Bible college or theological seminary. PATP courses are available for all pastors; however, to receive credit, the pastor must be enrolled in the Pastor's Advanced Training Program.

List of Courses