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Our Sunday school curriculum is relevant for today. All age levels of the new Faith Series offer fresh, theologically sound content and new, easy-to-read layouts and designs. Many of the lessons provide additional study opportunities beyond the lessons, as well as thought-provoking life application challenges.

  • Strong, sound, biblically driven content
  • Deeper, clearer meaning to Scriptures with greater personal relevancy
  • Elements that create deeper reflection and life application
  • Content based on a message written "then" for "now"
  • A contemporary feel that is modern, current, open and fresh

Experience the Adult/Young Adult student sample lessons, teacher tips, and forty-five-minute lesson plan, along with the Teacher's Guide sampler.

The Sunday school commentaries provide deeper insight and opportunities for pastors and teachers to make connections that enrich additional study, as well as make worship more meaningful and applicable for facing the issues of life today.